Professional editing and poofreading services in Montreal

Our editors and revisers not only ensure the quality of every translation we produce, but also of any other original or bilingual documents you entrust us with. They have an eye for detail!

Far more than just a linguistic safety net, professional editing and revision guarantees the quality, consistency and compliance of all your communications.

  • Grammar, syntax and spelling
  • Specialized jargon
  • Brand-specific terminology
  • Consistency with related documents
  • Tonal alignment

Our editors and revisers give equal scrutiny to the big picture and the details. Besides correcting grammar and spelling, their task involves ensuring the exactness and communicability of your ideas and concepts.

Thanks to their work, your messages reach your target audience just as they were intended.

Our editors, revisers and proofreaders are seasoned language professionals who work to stringent standards. They are valued for their flexibility and their commitment to bringing your brand to the fore.

Whatever your message, our professional editing process ensures that each text meets the key quality factors of accuracy, effectiveness and consistency.

Editing or copywriting?

You’re an expert in your field, but writing just isn’t your forte. Why not save precious time and let us do the job? Our writers are savvy communicators, and can bring their talents to bear on your draft outline to render your ideas with maximum effect — freeing you up to focus on what you do best.

Other services


Our professionally certified translators bring their know-how, experience and passion for language to the table. Their mission: convey the full impact and meaning of each text in strict compliance with the applicable rules and standards. Their concern: honour the uniqueness of your target audience and your specific communication goals.


Some texts call for a more creative approach. This is what we call adaptation. With their unerring sense of concept, register and nuance, our content adaptation specialists come up with the right words, the right references, the right angle, each and every time. Their unique skill set combines thinking outside the box with real editorial flair to craft messages that pack the same punch in the target language.

Our translation company at a glance

Idem offers a wide range of language solutions tailored to organizations of every size operating in different fields. Professionalism, receptivity and approachability have been our bywords from the start. Our approach is based on cooperation, strong partnerships and proven efficiency. Entrust us with your communications.