Vision and values

Idem stands for accessibility, efficiency and quality. Those values drive its unique vision. We offer clients the close partnership they’re looking for in their language service provider.

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Accurate, effective and meaningful, every Idem translation honours the organization and its brand image.


From project management to language services professionals, Idem’s people have the skills, experience, tools and operational know-how to provide fast, reliable and personalized service.


Our people appreciate the realities and needs of the individuals and organizations that place their trust in us, and are always standing by, ready to help.

Visible results

A genuine


Idem has a talented team of project managers and translators for multiple sectors. This is an undeniable asset in supporting and satisfying organizations who care about excellence as much as we do. The relevance of holding firmly to our values is borne out by the close, lasting relationships we have with our clients.

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