Marketing and communications

Our linguistic, terminological and strategic expertise translates to tailored services and adaptability to a wide variety materials and client bases.

The Idem touch

From outline

to finish line

Our team of specialists are skilled at clearly conveying the intended messages of your promotional material. You can count on their versatile skill set and command of the local and global cultural contexts to produce excellent translations and adaptations. With the collaboration of your team members, Idem guarantees that your standards will always be met.

Translation, adaptation and more

Win over

all your audiences

Campaigns and concepts

Your full range of content and messaging should be creatively and coherently adapted for each market segment

Brands and slogans

Your materials need to articulate your positioning with equal impact in every language

Special marketing content

Signage, packaging, web content and campaigns: your target texts should be as compelling as the originals

Standards and instructions

Proper adaptation of strategic, legal or visual reference material keeps your multilingual teams on the same page

Plans and reports

Present a unified vision of your company and its priorities to decision makers in their own language

And so much more

Any material that you need to release quickly and effectively across multiple languages

We’re here for you

Need strategic