At Idem, we use our creativity and skill to maximize the impact of increasingly diversified content, so you can engage meaningfully with your target readers in every language and market.



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Our highly qualified professionals are grouped by specialization to maximize efficiency and provide truly personalized service. They stay laser-focused on your goals and lean on robust processes and tools, all in service of your brand. You can trust that they’ll deliver content that lives up to your expectations, in English, French or any other language.

What we translate




Advertising and promotional material: chatbot scripts, contests, labels, packaging, podcasts, publications, slogans, storylines, teasers and more

Human resources

Anything related to the employer brand: recruitment, onboarding, training, compensation, health and safety, performance evaluation, internal and external communications, and more

Web content

Social media and website content: administrative, informational, promotional and transactional material, SEO, and more

Information technology

All things IT and technological innovation: GUIs, ERP software, mobile apps, intranet sites, chatbots and more

Specialized documentation

Reference works in the areas of diversity, emergency measures, finance, governance, information security, research, teaching, sustainability, and more

And so much more

Want other types of content translated? Our team has the experience and versatility to serve your needs and leave you entirely satisfied.

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