We support our health-sector clients with agility, solidarity and attention to detail. We take pride in our linguistic contribution to health care management throughout Canada.

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Health care is constantly evolving, and our team of experts keeps on top of the social, scientific and administrative landscape. Our translations are always relevant and reliable whether they’re for information protocols for public agencies, innovative tech solutions or documentation on health crises. We care about the linguistic and strategic quality of your content and about actively supporting your mission.

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or regulatory content


Texts and tables of all kinds to facilitate the exchange of health-care and institutional information

Tech solutions

Material on cutting-edge products and services designed to improve operations

Standardization guides

Structured outlines for presenting data to administrators


Episodes on health-related topics available in multiple languages to drive greater awareness

Compliance records

Internal documents that are vital to the management of health care institutions

And so much more

A full range of other material: marketing content, public health standards or even coverage of current events

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