Idem can highlight your promotional material with a sharp and insightful touch, using subtle cues to appeal to your diverse customer bases.

The Idem touch

Passion and

attention to detail

For 30-plus years, we’ve had a hand in raising the profile of budding and established businesses in the industry. You work with so many different faces, body types, cultures, generations and identities. Let our thoughtful, versatile adaptations do them all justice. In the process of finding accurate and clever wording and creating tailored glossaries and inspiring communications, we build meaningful connections with you and your customers.

Translation, adaptation and more

From information

to inspiration

Reference material

To properly describe and position your product line with clear ingredient lists, directions and information on benefits


To help your sales and service teams find the right words to bridge the gap between your products and your various customer bases


To ensure that your most visible content is up to standard and reflects the quality of your brand and products

In-store signage

To have the same impact as the original content in persuading shoppers to notice and choose your products


To deliver strong conceptual messaging with an attractive flair that speaks directly to your market

And so much more

Idem will gladly collaborate with you for any other content you need, in any format.

We’re here for you

To glow up

your content