Professional multilingual translation services in Montreal

Translation involves far more than simply choosing the right word or transposing a phrase into another language. Translation is first and foremost about communication. Whatever the nature of your document, translation means conveying your ideas and concepts with accuracy and clarity, reading between the lines to deliver messages with equivalent impact.

When building a working relationship with you, our professional translators emphasize accessibility and cooperation. They’ll know when to reach out to better understand your aims or any particularly complex or innovative concepts.

All of our translators hold a translation degree from a recognized university. In addition, they have solid professional experience and, between them, numerous fields of specialization.

  • Beauty/cosmetics
  • Communications
  • Education
  • Food
  • Health
  • International development
  • Public relations
  • Telecommunications

Turnkey solutions

Our translators work as part of a team where they can call on the expertise of our other professionals.

This cooperative approach lets us build comprehensive professional solutions that include the full range of essential language services:

  • Terminological research
  • Line-by-line editing and revision
  • Meticulous project management

Our Montreal translation company can also draw on the expertise of certified and specialized translators to meet specific needs:

Other services


The editing process is where all aspects of our language expertise come together. Professional editing ensures letter-perfect accuracy, message clarity and compliance with your standards. This important part of the process makes certain that each document meets your expectations. Professional editing and revision are automatically included in our translation quotes and are also available as a standalone service.


Some texts call for a more creative approach. This is what we call adaptation. With their unerring sense of concept, register and nuance, our content adaptation specialists come up with the right words, the right references, the right angle, each and every time. Their unique skill set combines thinking outside the box with real editorial flair to craft messages that pack the same punch in the target language.

Our translation company at a glance

Idem offers a wide range of language solutions tailored to organizations of every size operating in different fields. Professionalism, receptivity and approachability have been our bywords from the start. Our approach is grounded in cooperation, strong partnerships and proven efficiency. Entrust us with your communications.