Professional language translation and adaptation services in Montreal

Style. Register. Embedded meanings. One of the main challenges of translation is producing the desired effect without any sacrifice to tone, clarity or intent. Sometimes, hitting your communication targets calls for greater latitude of expression.

Each text must take into account the cultural, social and dialectic characteristics of your target audience along with the specific message context.

  • Are we dealing with spoken language, such as a speech or a keynote address?
  • Does your text involve a subtle play on words based on an advertising visual that must be referenced?
  • Is precise timing a concern — for example, in a video?
  • Is word count crucial, like on Twitter?
  • Is the level of language formal or informal?
  • Is the message part of a vast promotional campaign?

Critical questions like these are just some of the areas where we are qualified to guide you.

When the translation requires a special touch, we can put a seasoned adaptation team at your disposal. Open to ideas and acutely attuned to cultural and linguistic nuance, our specialists merge proficiency with passion and artistry to produce clear, effective messages.

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Our professionally certified translators bring their know-how, experience and passion for language to the table. Their mission: convey the full impact and meaning of each text in strict compliance with the applicable rules and standards. Their concern: honour the uniqueness of your target audience and your specific communication goals.

Editing and revision

Professional editing ensures letter-perfect accuracy, message clarity and compliance with your standards. This important part of the process makes certain that each document meets your expectations. Professional editing and revision are automatically included in our translation quotes and are also available as a standalone service.

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Idem offers a wide range of language solutions tailored to organizations of every size operating in different fields. Professionalism, receptivity and approachability have been our bywords from the start. Our approach is grounded in cooperation, strong partnerships and proven efficiency. Entrust us with your communications.