The essence of our service quality?

Our specific strengths. Not only do we create tailored solutions that deliver beyond your expectations, we establish a professional, harmonious working relationship with our clients. At Idem, you get unmatched language services.


Adapting to your needs is second nature to us. We place our full arsenal of linguistic expertise at your disposal in keeping with your preferred means of communication. Your style and personality are also taken into account as we forge a unique working relationship. Flexibility: it’s all that and more!


Careful management of our varied, versatile language resources lets us meet all your regular needs — and more. Dealing with a sudden rush? Facing an unexpected challenge? We’ll work with you to find a solution.


We put 25 years of experience and continued improvement into precisely, proactively analyzing your needs, from the big picture right through the smallest details. The result? Customized, reasoned strategies that guide and inform every single procedure, project, solution and relationship.


We fully grasp the strategic importance of your communications. Our structures, procedures and the guaranteed commitment of our entire team of professionals ensure that your data is safeguarded at every stage of the process.

Our translation company at a glance

Idem offers a wide range of language solutions tailored to organizations of every size operating in different fields. Professionalism, receptivity and approachability have been our bywords from the start. Our approach is grounded in cooperation, strong partnerships and proven efficiency. Entrust us with your communications.