Financial translation

In an industry as innovative as finance, it’s not uncommon to encounter completely new concepts and new uses of existing terms. For financial institutions hoping to penetrate the global marketplace and communicate across borders, it is vital to offer products, services and related information in multiple languages.

From corporate and financial communications and audit reports to insurance policies and other insurance documents, financial translation calls for precise terminology and a unique vocabulary. It requires the skill of a subject-matter expert, a seasoned translator with a background in finance. A financial translation professional must stay abreast of developments in the industry and of regulatory changes.

Translating the language of finance: An ever-present challenge

Financial translation is all the more challenging because it demands the utmost precision. Financial concepts and terminology differ from one part of the world the next. Even now, financial glossaries for many languages simply don’t include some terms, complicating the translator’s task. Aiming to fill those gaps, the translator must draw on their extensive vocabulary and experience to find an equivalent to convey the message without changing its meaning and intent. For example, depending on context and geographic location, “stock” can refer to a supply of goods or parts, shares in a company or government-issued securities, among other things.

There may also be special instructions for certain languages, particularly regarding numbering and formatting. One might think that translating numbers would be a piece of cake. After all, they’re universal, aren’t they? Alas, they are not. Well, not quite. In English, “1,500” means “one thousand five hundred,” whereas in French and German this same number will represent a much smaller value because the comma serves as the decimal marker.

Such discrepancies can be subtle and easy to miss for an inexperienced translator who doesn’t understand the uniquely precise rules of financial translation. A seemingly minor error in a translation can have serious consequences, which is why a translator with impeccable linguistic skills and financial expertise is required.

Keeping it confidential

With data theft and fraud attempts on the rise, the financial translator must be well versed in best practices in security. These include using officially licensed software and the latest and best antivirus software, and keeping their operating system in good working order at all times. The financial translator must ensure that no confidential financial data is leaked during the translation process.

Financial translation services

At Idem, we know how important a quality translation is to our clients. This is why we have an extensive network of specialized financial translators with in-depth knowledge of the industry’s diverse sectors. Our professionals have the skills and tools required to deliver high-quality translations in a timely manner. Don’t take any chances: contact us today for a free quote!

Other services


The editing process is where all aspects of our language expertise come together. Professional editing ensures letter-perfect accuracy, message clarity and compliance with your standards. This important part of the process makes certain that each document meets your expectations. Professional editing and revision are automatically included in our translation quotes and are also available as a standalone service.


Some texts call for a more creative approach. This is what we call adaptation. With their unerring sense of concept, register and nuance, our content adaptation specialists come up with the right words, the right references, the right angle, each and every time. Their unique skill set combines thinking outside the box with real editorial flair to craft messages that pack the same punch in the target language.

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