You need the services of a translation company, but how do you figure out which one is best for your business’s needs? Finding the right fit can require some research. After all, the company that you select will have the difficult task of conveying your message and image in a different language, and making sure it resonates with another culture. Before you partner with a translation services provider, it is wise to look carefully at your options. Here are some things to consider to make sure you ask the right questions.

A company that demonstrates professionalism

Choose a company that takes pride in providing quality services. Its fees may not be the cheapest, but its team will be made up of language professionals, including certified translators, whose extensive schooling will have equipped them to skilfully render your message.

Be mindful that any respectable translation company will assign your texts to professionals translating into their first language, guaranteeing that they have a perfect understanding of its nuances and subtleties.

A company that listens

A translation company that cares about its clients takes the time to assess their needs and ask key questions in order to provide custom solutions. To make sure you’re supported through every step of your language-related decisions, choose a translation company that communicates clearly and effectively.

A flexible company

Flexibility is critical for last-minute and long-term projects, or those involving multiple versions of a document. A reliable company will put simple and effective processes in place to be able to quickly adapt in any circumstance. A solid network of external and internal resources will guarantee on-time delivery of your projects.

A specialized company

Communications, education, food, health, retail… Every field has its own particularities and distinct vocabulary, and only a translator with knowledge of your industry will be able to lend projects the credibility you should be able to expect.

A company committed to respecting your confidentiality

Did you know that the content entered into certain online translation tools becomes publicly accessible? Be wary of translation companies that use these products. Professional tools that meet your confidentiality standards do exist.

Inquire about the company’s security policy and related systems, as well as the types of software it uses. Also consider having the company sign a confidentiality agreement to protect yourself from any indiscretions.

A company that offers all-inclusive service

What’s one of the greatest advantages of working with a translation company? Being able to depend on a whole team of qualified professionals! Enjoy peace of mind, with project managers, translators, adaptors, revisers, proofreaders, terminologists, desktop publishing specialists and IT specialists all working together to offer you end-to-end service.

Have you found your perfect match? Don’t hesitate to share your questions or concerns with your new team of language services experts. Your business’s reputation should be as important to them as it is to you. Once that relationship of trust and respect is firmly established, you’ll know you’ve found the ideal language partner.